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About Our School 

School Log Books show that there has been a St Mary’s School on this site for over a hundred years . It was originally called St Mary’s Day School and the first building was very much smaller. The school was always concerned with teaching and promoting the Catholic faith  but the curriculum also offered instruction in reading, handwriting, poetry, geography, drawing, singing, straw plaiting, caning chairs and arithmetic!

Gradually the school expanded over the years with facilities for infants added on at a  later date. In an Inspection report of 1889, Her Majesty’s Inspectors commented on the infants’ class being “ in very comfortable quarters.”

 Today St Mary’s is a voluntary aided Catholic school and its aim is still to provide a high quality education that promotes the Catholic faith and its teachings.

The school takes children aged 4-11 from the three local parishes of St.Bridget’s, St.Vincent’s and St.Margaret’s.  There is also a Nursery on site which provides morning sessions for children from 3 years of age.

 Whilst still based partly in its characterful Victorian building, the school is now  equipped  to deliver a full and broad curriculum and provides a first class education within a friendly and stimulating environment.

 As a reflection of our community spirit, we have a school uniform which is worn with pride by all children in the school. The School community is also proud of how it lives up to its Catholic character through its mission statement, which lies at the heart of our ambitions and hopes.

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